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Flight tracker: Informative, practical and free


You want to know at any time where and when an aircraft is traveling? With the flight tracker you can follow flights with the help of the flight radar in real time. By the help of that tool, you can see exactly where, for example, the aircraft of your friends or family members is currently. Through the flight tracker, you will be able to find out exactly where the aircraft is or if it lands. But on the other hand, the flight tracker is also an interesting pastime. In this time you can find further interesting details besides the current position.


The flight tracker is absolutely for free, live and to use without registration or any membership. You just have zoom in on the radar in the appropriate location. Or you can search for a plane and click on the appropriate aircraft. And through the flight, you will find all the important details about the flight.

What exactly does the flight tracker offer to you?


The flight tracker gives you a comprehensive overview of all current flight movements taking place in the sky above our heads. It feels like you’re sitting even just in one of the aircraft. By the flight tracker you get an overview of all the important facts that are known about the flights and even airplanes. And all this for free. Among other things, you will learn exactly where the aircraft is located.


You will even know which type of aircraft is flying. The flight radar will also show you the speed, the current altitude and the distance traveled. So you can find out all the details about the flight, which remain otherwise hidden. The exciting thing about the flight tracking is that not only regular scheduled flights are displayed on the flight radar. It will show you even all flight movements, from private aircrafts, helicopters up to the jumbo jet. So this gives you a comprehensive overview of what’s going on in the world above you.

Absolutely for free: The flight tracker


For all the information and the fun that the flight tracking offers to you, you do not pay a single cent, it’s definitely free. You do not have to install any expensive computer programs, or sign in any subscriptions or memberships. While many airlines offer their own flight tracker / flight information, but only for their own airline and not with the detailed information, that gives our flight tracker to you. You can use the flight tracker not only on your computer, but you can also use the smartphone to track online and live flights over the flight radar at any time.


This is quite convenient when you are using it e.g. to pick up someone from the airport. So you know exactly if the flight is on time and exactly when the plane lands.


You can also watch the launch of an aircraft. Just zoom in to the airport and click on the desired aircraft. If you continue to zoom out of the radar, you can observe the entire airspace in this environment. Especially at large airports, airplanes are starting and landing continuously. You will be aware of the fact that air traffic is also a very heavy traffic. This is how you can use the flight tracker to track traffic. And you can see what a logistical challenge it is to keep an overview and to control everything.

Drone owners also use the flight tracker


Also drones / quadrocopter pilots use the flight radar service to check if there is an aircraft nearby. Thus is not only for information but also for general flight safety.


Especially near airports it is particularly dangerous to fly with such unmanned flying objects. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the respective laws and don’t only check with the flight tracker if an airplane is nearby.

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